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School Shop

In the term 1 school holidays, Janiece and Callum reached out to their local community for clothing donations for Punmu - As shops aren't exactly close by!

Students and staff created a little ‘shop’ in the school to give the students a reward at the end of the week.

Janiece would love it to be a creative outlet for students to practice financial literacy by choosing suitable price tags and shop play. Students have already designed, made each of the price tags, and have worked with Martu community and staff setting it up.

At a recent Friday assembly, along with a merit certificate, one student from each class received a $5 'shop voucher' rewarding positive behaviour, attendance, and resilience.

So far so good! It has been a rewarding tool and we hope shopping can continue for a long time to come!

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1 Comment

Susanne Gervay
Susanne Gervay
Jun 21, 2021

So innovative and positive giving kids experience in financial management and lots of fun too.

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