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Numeracy, Punmu Primary

Hello everyone, Below are a selection of photos, taken over term three. Primary students in Punmu have been working on the following concepts in numeracy:

  • Place value.

  • Saying, writing and reading numbers up to 109.

  • Skip counting by 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10 up to 109. 

  • Addition with one and two digit numbers

  • Basic subtraction.

  • Times tables using resources such as an abacus, hundreds charts, arrays and tens frames etc.

Here are some photos of the students after working in small groups during numeracy

Azaniah, Emelda and Mikaela showing their answers after working on our times tables during numeracy this week.

Jeremiah, Danaren and Mick working in a small group using a hundreds chart and their abacuses to answer questions on their 2 x tables we have been practicing recently.

Jeremiah holding his hundreds chart he had just filled out like his classmates before working on skip counting.

Mikaela proudly showing her picture of the ants nest from her reader.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed seeing our work. We hope to show you all some on-country photos in our next blog post.

Kind regards,

Primary class (Punmu)

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