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On Country, Kunawarritji

Kunawarritji students are out and about exploring the nearby Country surrounding their community.

Shadow fun.

Suriah and LJ showing everyone where some munyurnpa (bush plums) are growing in community.

Isaac writing on a map of community where bush tucker and medicine are growing.

Naomi showing us where some jinyjiwirrily (bush tomato) are growing.

Annabelle showing Isaac how to eat the wama nectar

Isaac and Otis exploring the cave near Manapila rock hole.

Naomi, Melissa and Danielle measuring kapi (water) depth of Manapila rockhole.

Drawing and studying termite mounds.

Melissa teaching how to make damper on a campout.

Everyone helping to wrap potatoes in tin foil on a campout

Milburn measuring the height of a bush with Danielle & Clifton.

Suriah and Isaac showing us some Wamurla (Bush tomato) they found.

Looking for water bugs at Manapila rockhole.

At the lookout: Clifton, Jodah, Suriah, Melissa & Otis.

Doing some art work on Country.

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