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Finlay's Bore, High School Junior Ranger Camp

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

During the camp our elders told us stories about the Country and special places.

They showed us different animals, waterholes, plants and cave paintings. We studied maps of rock holes, used the GPS to map locations, used Ranger cameras and iPads to take photos. We tasted the water in the rock holes. We used the checklists to check all the cars before driving out into the bush.

Some of the animals we saw were tadpoles, snakes, goannas, camels and plenty of animal tracks. We also saw grinding stones that were used to grind food.

It was also good to see the Kunawarritji kids and their families.

There was plenty of good tucker. We had kangaroo tails, damper, tree gum, fruit, water, tea, hot chocolate and juice. We sat around the fire and listened to stories until late and slept in our swags under the stars.

Tuesday – Left school and camped at Finlay’s Bore.

Wednesday – Drove from Finlay’s to Pussycat bore and camped the night.

Thursday – Drove back to Punmu from Pussycat Bore.

By Punmu Murrkayunya class

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