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DRIL Training workshop at Rawa

DRIL trainers Andrew (Kumanjayi) and Amy (Mata) were in Punmu, WA, 23-25 July running a workshop at Rawa school with Martu participants from Punmu, Kunawarritji and Parnngurr communities. They had a fantastic 3 days focused on strengthening Martu Wangka in the communities and schools, and bringing back the richer traditional Manyjilyjarra language which is still spoken by the “pujiman” (desert-born elders).

The group took a few trips out on country, and practised using recorders, tablets and phones to record elders telling stories, talking about different plants, and demonstrating traditional handicrafts. The recordings were then used as the basis for writing and transcription practice, analysis of the complex Martu Wangka morphology, and discussions on how to keep the depth and richness of the language when translating it into English. Wonderful both-way learning in some beautiful country!

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